Smoking vs. Vaping THC


Health experts have been advising the public on the effects of breathing in tobacco from cigar, pipes and cigarettes. For cannabis, few researches found cannabinoids to have some benefits delivery weed . Cannabinoids like CBD differ from THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the chemical causing a high in marijuana. Smoking vs. Vaping THC both carries risks. 


Inhaling any kind of smoke like tobacco, cannabinoid consisting of weed or any other substance is not good for the health of the lungs. Many weed users smoke for a longer time as compared to tobacco smokers leading to higher risk of tar exposure that is dangerous for lung health. 

Some of the adverse health effects of chronic smoking of weed are: chronic bronchitis, production of excess mucus, coughing, compromised immune system, lower respiratory tract infections, a higher risk of infection and wheezing.    


Vaping weed is inhalation of heated oil by way of vaporizing device also known as e-cigarette. A vaporizer produces a vapor from materials like dried leaves or flowers. People think vaping is more secure as compared to smoking because smoke is not inhaled.  Vaping of THC oil is dangerous to the lungs. There are adverse effects associated with inhalation of vitamin E acetate which is in vaping products consisting THC. 

 People should avoid these products because they cause death and serious lung injuries. Children are susceptible to vaping illnesses. 

The difference between vaping and smoking 

Smoking uses concentration or parts of plants. You smoke weed in various ways like you roll dried flower parts into a cigarette paper, mix weed with tobacco to reduce potent which is known as spliff, you can use pipes or bongs to smoke. When you vape, you consume concentrated weed which has a stronger delivery system as compared to smoking. As compared to smoking, vaping gives a greater high. The outcomes of vaping are greater than those of smoking.  Infrequent and first time users experience different harmful reactions from THC when vaped in contrast to smoking. Vaping and smoking both have fast effects to the body.  

The effects are felt between 10 and 15 minutes. Start smoking or vaping slowly using a small dosage and stay for 20 and 30 minute intervals before taking more. Weed has many strains and each affects the body differently. The Sativa strain has a high stimulus while Indica is considerably relaxing. Weed strains affect people differently. Even if a strain has certain effects, you may experience other reactions. 


Smoking vs. Vaping THC is not good for your heath. Vaping causes health problems and death. Weed use and THC exposure for long time raises the risk of mental health disorder and psychosis. When you use weed avoid the dangerous effects of smoke. Consider another method. Ensure your buy your products from a licensed chemist. Monitor user dosage to avoid overdose and unsavory effects. Avoid using vaping products and e-cigarette especially the ones containing THC oil due to vitamin E acetate.