Cashmere is defined as a fine and soft wool from the undercoat of a Kashmir goat. It is well known as one of the softest fibers around the globe and is eight times warmer than wool. These outfits can last up to 10 years or more if well taken care of hence the high cost of purchase. Garments with this soft woolen finishing present a classic look due to its fine texture. It is highly valued by women all around the world due to its comfort and quality. This natural textile can be made into a different range of products such as sweaters, coats, gloves, dresses, shirts, turtle necks, and socks 

This fashion in women dates back to the 13th century in some Mongolian caves. They keep getting better and better with time due to improvement of the manufacture. The fact that this natural textile has been used consistently since the 13th century would make you wonder what is so special about it. Below I give reasons why; 


This textile never loses its elasticity however long it is worn. To maintain this you have to clean it and air on the ground. Never hang it on a wire line as it might be pulled down hence become baggy and ugly. The quality guarantees its use in both warm and cold weather  

Easy to Dye 

If you own a single color cashmere outfit, chances are that you at one time got bored of the color and needed a color switch up. This is quite easy to do as it can be done at the comfort of your home but with strict instructions from the manufacturer 

It is a luxury wool 

It is found in the undercoat of a Kashmir sheep hence shed during the spring season through manual combing. Not much of it is taken off it as the sheep will still need the remaining to shield it during the cold. This mere fact alone makes it a luxury natural textile that is very pricy and difficult to get 

Easy to Maintain 

From its origin, as I had stated earlier, one might think it is extremely difficult to care for it so as to maintain the original feel, but it’s not. For the early stages to wearing this, you don’t need to wash it, the best way is to hand wash it. Washing machines tend to make it stiff hence damaging it. Dip the fabric in cool water, add a small amount of detergent and gently rub against your fingers. Lay it flat on the grass for drying, don’t hang it up as it will lose shape 

Easy to Style 

One thing about this soft woolen fabric, is that it is very versatile to be styled whether dressing down or for an official look. For a casual feel, the chunky and oversized outfits fit the occasion while a serious occasion deserves a fitting type of outfit. Down below I give ways on how women can style these outfits depending on the personality or the setting of the event 

It’s sweaters are the one of the most loved outfit choices, so we will focus on that. Remaining cozy and in style is a priority for most women and this fabric provides just that 

Add leather and or suede.  

The leather can be used as leggings or as boots. A combination of these two brings out elegance and a chic feel that grabs everyone’s attention. For a long and loose sweater, have on glossy leggings and a high boot that adds a touch of sophistication 

Pair them with a darker fitting pants 

Boyfriend jeans don’t create a neat look to these sweaters. The silhouette look exemplifies your elegance 

Dress with skirts and dresses 

A sleeveless dress would go well with a turtle neck sweater, this is ideal for changing weather patterns during the day. The dress adds glamour to the sweater while the sweater balance the fancy dress. A turtleneck needs to be softened and that is where the maxi skirt will make perfect fashion sense 

Accessorize it accordingly  

The right accessories can change an outfit from basic to sophisticated without trying too hard. The trick with accessories is to always be minimal with them as they can be too much and destroy everything. Fashion is all about trying out new trends and learning which one works and not. Some of the ways to accessorize include adding a sling belt, bracelets, earrings and necklaces 


Having a blazer on these dresses is a sure way of turning a casual outfit to an office outfit effortlessly . These elegant blazers can be worn in a variety of ways to compliment your outfit 

Cashmere fashion for women has always been a part of women’s fashion for decades, and from what we see it is only getting better as it progresses. They surely have a value for the purchase price, they are not specific to any weather and can be worn in any occasion or not. Maintenance is a big part of it retaining the original value. So now you have reasons to love and trust this natural textile for some if not all of your cloths click here for womens fashion