Electric fencing as a Preferred defense for bears

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Bears are well known to be more active species during day time. However, they still raid at night as they are not human friendly. They are known also to be very good at smell senses compared to dog for instance. This is helpful to get ideal locations of food. Various agricultural operations such as dump sites for carcass, fruit orchards, grain sheds, landfills, beehives, coops for chicken as well as livestock are major sources of food to bears.  

Electric fencing therefore is one of the most preferred method to keep bears within a designed location. Bears are aggressive and very dangerous and therefore the electric fences have to be used together with proofing bear strategies. Experts of wildlife recommend that the following configuration for fencing be taken into consideration. 

A 42 inches fence height of a 7-wire make  

This particular design functions better to deter black and grizzly bears. The advantage with this design is that it does not limit the passage of other animals such as elk and deer.  

A 54 inches fence height of a 7-wire make 

This type of fencing is used basically to deter black bears and grizzlies from lambing places having minimal to moderate potential. Additionally, places having chicken coops and beehives are well protected.  

A 60-72 inches fence height of a 9-11 wire make 

This is primarily used to deter bears when the activities carried out in a certain location posse a high risk to people. 

Bear electric fencing 

Electric fences are built to deter predators like bear by giving an electric shock when it touches the naked charged wire. Under normal cases, the fence acts as an open circuit having continuous electric pulses produced by energizer flowing through the length of the wires. When the bear touches this wire, it completes the circuit causing the electric pulse to travel back and forth to the energizer causing repeatedly electric shock. 

 Bear possess a major threat to humans’ livestock’s, exotics, horses etc. thus, preventative measures such as the implementation of an electric fencing can significantly add to an improved coexistence. There are many designs of electric fences based on use. The fence should serve as a physical barrier and further shock adequately to ensure that bears keep off from the fences. To ensure this, the fences needs to be very strong, with closely spaced wires and preferable taller the bears.  

It may be viewed as a complicated and an expensive way to deter bears. However, its effective in cost and simplest way to contain bears. Maintenance is relatively cheap and economical to create. For areas with landfills permanent fences are recommended to be build. Unlike lead propelled gun powder, electricity shock is better preferred because it is not harmful or lethal to the bear. Such a fence is more humane as it will only shock the animal when it gets touched. Bears will most likely keep off the fence due to persistent shock. However, daily patrols are recommended to ensure that incase a Bear is caught between the electric fence it can be quickly rescued to save its life. Continued stresses from the shock can cause death. 

For more information :- https://fencefast.ca/collections/bears-predators