The Societal Sensitization on Cannabis Edibles and The Challenges Faced by The Consumers

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Cannabis (marijuana) is a terrestrial plant whose leaves and flowers  are consumed for either medicinal or recreational purposes. The consumption of cannabis is prevalent among the youths and adults across the world. The consumption is habitual among the young generation since they face the peer pressure challenges.

Cannabis  edibles is just a one way of marijuana administration. Unlike marijuana smoking that involves inhaling the smoke from burning marijuana leaves, cannabis edibles are food products with marijuana extracts. Tetrahydrocannibol (THC) is a marijuana extract that is induced into food products during food processing to form cannabis edibles.

Cannabis edibles are in the following forms; beverages, lozenges, chocolates, candies, gummies just to name a few.

Challenges of Cannabis Edibles to Users

Cannabis edibles pose challenges to users  in the following ways;

  1. Delayed mental effects

These products are becoming more dangerous than practical marijuana smoking. Unlike marijuana smoking where the smoker depicts the effects immediately once smoking is started, the effects of cannabis edibles take long to be noticed by the consumer. In such a case, one can easily consume excess food products that exceed his or her withstanding strength. This results into serious medical problems.

  1. The unknown potency of THC

It is very difficult to measure the THC levels in food products. Consequently, most food products have excess THC amounts. This eventually leads to acute marijuana intoxication, a condition where a person consumes excess THC levels in food products.

Negative Effects of Cannabis Edibles to Users

Since cannabis edibles contain extracts from marijuana plants, they pose effects common to those of marijuana to users. The effects are in details discussed as below;


Drowsiness is a condition where one feels abnormally sleepy and tired during the day. To some extent users become forgetful due to loss of memories. Drowsiness especially during the day disrupts the normal daily duties of a person.


Hallucinations are sensory experiences and imaginations in one’s minds that appear to be real. Hallucinations make one to see images that are not real or sometimes hear voices that are fictional. A person who is hallucinating can easily incur accidents or cause accidents to others i.e motor vehicle accidents, drowning in rivers just to name a few.


Is a condition where one cannot think clearly and fail to recall most recent occurrences. A confused person is often excited and gets stuck in making decisions. To the worst, confusion may even lead to awkwardly behaviors among the adults that leave them feeling ashamed after returning to their normal senses.


This is the most dangerous effect that cannabis edibles can cause to the users. A violent person acts and behaves aggressively towards others. Under no control, violence can lead to serious confrontations, fights and attacks that result into injuries and even death. In a family set up, violence can lead to divorce and orphan children where one of the parents is killed during confrontations.


Vomiting is the forcefully expelling of stomach contents through the mouth. Frequent vomiting leads to dehydration and other health complications.

Respiratory Depressions

Respiratory depression is the failure of the lungs to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen resulting from slow and shallow breathing. This condition can farther lead to lung failure.

Despite the popularity in the usage of cannabis edibles, it can now be deduced that these usages are among the people who are not well informed about  the possible risks one is exposed to while consuming these products mail order weed It is therefore an urge to all users to take into considerations their health welfare for them to be  keen enough while consuming these products.