Bubba kush Strain has a bulky bud structure with forest green leaves. It is believed to have powerful relaxation, relaxes muscles, makes users happy, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Why is Called Bubba Kush?

Bubba kush originated in the mid-90s when an Og kush strain was pollinated by its Northern breeder lights from New Orleans. The Indica dominant strain was named Bubba, and the rest is unknown history. The plant is believed to have the genetic descent of Afghani. The strain has about 15% THC making it suitable for its consumers.

Is Bubba Kush Exotic?

It is a Sativa dominant strain of cannabis that has a high yield. It has multiple awarded parents: OG kush and Bubble gum, compact in structure. It grows well in sunny, dry, Mediterranean, and temperate climates though it is somehow sensitive to moisture.

Bubba kush strain has a sweet aroma of fruit, exotic wood, oil, chewing gum, spices, and sandalwood. It has a long-lasting effect with soothing properties that makes you rest deeply.

Bubba Kush Effects

Bubba Kush strain is an India and therefore used after work or at night when you need to get sleep or relax. After using it, euphoric dreaminess flows in your mind eliminating negative thoughts and leaving you with only positive ones. 

It is the preferred strain for dealing with pain and insomnia. It is strong enough to ease muscle, relieve serious discomfort and even help people get to sleep. 

Medicinal Benefits of Bubba Kush 

People who are suffering from mental disorders can get relief from the strain due to its calming effects, which heal any anxiety, stress, paranoia, or depression is used in small proportions. In addition, it is the top-notch selection for those who need support to manage serious illnesses like HIV/AIDS and cancer because of its ability to relieve nausea, pain, or other symptoms associated with this illness.

Side Effects

Bubba Kush StrainĀ is consumed in large amounts or too early; it can make you sleepy since it is used as a sedative for people dealing with insomnia; hence it is not recommended to use it during work. It is also associated with increased paranoia, stress, and anxiety in the mental and physical realms. Bubba kush causes dry eyes and mouth. Drinking a lot of hydrating fluids like ice water is recommended if you have a dry mouth. You can purchase moisturizing eye drops from your local drug store if you have dry eyes.

The use of cannabis products is self-responsibility, and therefore discretion should be taken.

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