Positive Impacts of COVID19 to Cannabis Consumption

With the rise of COVID19 cases worldwide, people have chosen to stay indoors and abide to the government orders over protective measures to contain corona virus Many people and mostly parents have a negative attitude over bhang smokers. They are taken as people who have lost molarity. This is because none consumers of cannabis perceive bhang taking to be vicious. In that case, it is the joy of every parent to see none of their family members take the product. This is mainly due to the negative effects it gasses on the users more especially when taken uncontrollably. Abuse of marijuana could lead one into mental menace. This apparently could risk one into becoming mentally challenged. After the outbreak of the virus, many parents have a reason yo smile. This is because, some people have become easy to contain. The consumption rate of bhang has gone down by a factors positive impacts brought about by corona virus outbreak to cannabis intake include the following: 

low consumption rates 

Following the government orders to regulate movement purposely to curb the spread of corona virus, the number of people taking marijuana has gone down. People are not allowed to freely move from place to place without any critical reason. Due to this reason, people have been denied access to the narcotic drug unlike the situation previously. This has seen the graph of cannabis use go down. This has also become a challenge to the recreational states which are stocked with the dispensers for the drug. In many of them, the dispensers are forced to close mainly because, the rate of supply of bhang is low whereas the taxation and renewal of licenses to the bhang sellers remain constant. 

Easy regulations 

Due to the lower number of people under supply of cannabis, the government can now regulate the dispensers. This is also because of the few numbers of people trading the commodity. The government can also monitor those Marijuana sellers who do not pay taxes and act on them appropriately. Also, measures are taken to those sellers who do not renew their licenses as well as the dispensers selling the drug to people below the age of twenty-one years of age. 

Marijuana now has a lower impact compared to the situation prior to COVID19 outbreak. If, for example, number of people who could have been ruined by bhang smoking would be around ten percent, the number will now go down to approximately five percent. This shows that’s regardless of the dangers posed by COVID19 to the immune system, it will relatively help bring down the effects of cannabis to its consumers. 

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