The Perfect Candidate

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Every place of business has a bright idea in their mind of who their ideal candidate would be for each position. Chances are, finding that perfect candidate is not as easy as you may hope. A substantial perk for hiring a legal recruiter is that their sole purpose is to seek out and find that perfect candidate to make your firm even better, without you having to stray from your responsibilities to do it yourself. A recruiter has one mission in their scope – to find a new employee that will mesh well with the rest of your firm and also bring a professional and confident demeanor to your place of business. Investing in a legal recruiter is something that is always worth the money because, in the long run, you will be the one coming out on top with a new employee whose purpose is to bring more business and revenue, to you.

The Process

All legal recruiters have their way of doing things, but the end game is the same for everyone – find a good fit. Some have a kind of list of potential candidates that they always keep in the back of their minds to reference now and again when the right job comes along, but others may approach things differently. If there is no pre-made list of potential employees, a legal recruiter may just fly by the seat of their pants and use their judgment to choose candidates they have never met before that seem to fit the bill, nicely. Not meeting candidates is more of a no risk, no reward, type concept but again, everyone has their styles and have ways of getting the job done.

By reviewing and delving deep into the backgrounds, reputations, and qualifications of potential candidates, a recruit is going to learn every detail they can to be completely confident that they have found that perfect person, for you. Like we said before, this is their sole purpose, and once a candidate is in their cross-hairs, they probably don’t stand a chance – in the right way. It is most flattering if a legal recruiter approaches you for a possible job situation and means that you technically have those “perfect candidate” qualities and aspects that a particular law firm wants. The review process apparently went well, and the recruiter truly believes that you can make a difference in a specific place.


Legal recruiting is an always changing environment and finding one person to fit the mold of what the firm wants, can be challenging. Fortunately, a recruiter is determined and thrives off of the chase of potential candidates. Persistency is vital a lot of the times, but if you throw in a little soft selling and sweet talk, a professional legal recruiter won’t need to do much to convince you that working for their firm, is the only way for your career to go. Your success is their success as well so they genuinely only want the best for you in the end.