Health Risks Of Cannabis

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What is cannabis?

As defined by Wikipedia: It is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant used for medical or recreational marijuana purposes. It is basically the most abused illicit drug in the entire world and while some might argue that it has a lot of health benefits, the risks can also be pretty fatal. It is commonly known as Marijuana or bhang.

How it is used?

It can be smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes also known as joints or in pipes. Some people also use vaporizers to avoid inhaling smoke. It can also be used as tea or food, commonly known as edibles, such as cookies, candy or brownies.

Eating or smoking different forms of THC-rich resins is also another method of consumption.

 Some of the health risks of Xpress Grass Cannabis include:

Ø  Depression. Most cannabis users may lose interest in other activities which don’t involve the use of the drug (leisure, studies, work, etc.). Symptoms of depression may include:

·        Irritability

·        Deep sadness

·        Sense of worthlessness

·        Deep sadness

Ø  Addiction. This is basically the stage where withdrawal from continued use of the drug feels impossible. The individual has a stronger desire to continue using it as he/she is unable to stop using it. User develops a tolerance to the substance and feels the need to use it in higher volumes in order to feel the same effect. This also prevents them from fulfilling important obligations at school, work, or home.

Ø  Risks during breastfeeding or during pregnancy. When fetuses and babies are exposed to Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the cannabinoids identified in cannabis, the short-and long-term effects may be fatal so the drug should not be used during and immediately after a pregnancy.

Ø  Mental health problems. Marijuana users have a high risk of developing psychosis and bipolar disorder. Psychosis is more of a symptom than an illness buy marijuana online Bipolar disorder is a mental condition that causes unusual mood swings. Also causes hallucinations, delusions, difficulty in thinking etc.

Ø  Testicular cancer. There is no real link between most cancers and the continued usage of cannabis but a research conducted by the National Academies of Sciences does suggest that marijuana users have a heightened risk of developing testicular cancer.

Ø  Lung health. Cannabis and tobacco contain almost the same irritants, carcinogens and toxins. These can lead to a greater risk of phlegm production, bronchitis and cough. Smoking marijuana can harm and damage small blood vessels and lung tissues. It has been noted that these symptoms generally improve when bhang smokers quit.

Ø  Heart health. Individuals who abuse this drug have a higher risk of developing heart problems and strokes. Continued usage also leads to an increased rate at which the heart beats.