Health Risks Of Cannabis

Cannabis has evolved over the years with new cannabis terpenes being developed. These new terpenes aim at reducing the health risks and also promote the high effect of it, and you can buy weed from Bud 365. However, advances have been made on the high effect but not reduced health effects. In fact, its impact is evolving continuously on its users. On the other hand, these risks are usually prompted mainly by long term use of cannabis. Other factors include a person’s mental history, age, e.t.c.  Below are some of the risks of cannabis:

Cognitive abilities impairment

Cannabis use has a negative effect on the user’s cognitive activities. Such abilities include; memory, judgment, decision making and attention span. All the above abilities deteriorate making one make simple mistakes that are avoidable. it also slows down the daily activities such as studying, working and also navigating. This cognitive effects are usually temporary but could become permanent with long term use of the drug buy weed online

Risks to the physical health

Cannabis contains carcinogens that are harmful to the body. These carcinogens are contained in the smoke inhaled. It increases the chances of one getting cancer of the neck, throat and lungs as proven by recent scientific studies have proven. To those who inhale cannabis, they increase their chances of contracting respiratory diseases. It can also bring the onset of an infection immediately. High blood pressure is a common risk among users as it alters the pace of the heart and increases its rate. This could also cause heart attack.

Risks to mental health

Long term use of cannabis alters the user’s mental capabilities. According to scientists’ research, cannabis is a contributing factor rather than a causing factor. It induces paranoidic ideas that are unrealistic to the user. It also induces hallucinations.Such effects are, however, due to the individual’s level of intoxication.

Causes depression

Due to the need to use the drug, users are usually detached from the world. They focus on its use leaving other activities behind. This makes them experience depression symptoms such as irritability, deep sadness, feeling unworthy and fatigue.Due to this, they opt to use cannabis to relieve their depression which does not work.

Causes anxiety

To some users, cannabis causes panic attacks. This is because it increases the heart rate which makes the users more anxious frequently. Studies have shown that users of cannabis are more anxious with more panic attacks than non-user.

Addiction (Problematic cannabis use)

Cannabis can cause the user to lose control of their intake and have a continuous craving for the substance. This leads to addiction. They may be unable to stop using the product, experience symptoms of withdrawal or even spend all their resources in acquiring the substance.